27.08.2014 14:09
"RUEF Exhibition Centres" - a brand new RUEF publication

Dear colleagues,

We are glad to present you the 1st edition of the “RUEF Exhibition Centres” brochure. It contains information on 29 exhibition and convention venues – members of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs from 22 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, with total hall space of over 600,000 sq. m.

This publication provides information which may be useful and interesting to anybody involved in exhibition and congress activity: data on the state of venues, their infrastructure and equipment, information on activities and services provided, and also photographs.

What makes “RUEF Exhibition Centres” unique is that it is the only publication containing systemized information of this kind.

You can as well find socio-economic and travel characteristics of regions where venues are situated and statistical figures of exhibition activity in each city.

I hope that this publication will be a useful source of relevant and reliable information, one of the main incentives for the development of your business.

Sergey Alexeev
RUEF President



Download (.pdf)


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