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RUEF General Meeting, June, 03, 2014, Moscow

RUEF General Meeting hosted by Expocentre ZAO was held on June, 03, in Moscow.


RUEF Committee and RUEF Board of Directors Meetings took place before the opening of the Meeting.

RUEF President Sergey Alexeev officially opened the Meeting. Sergey Bednov, RUEF Vice President, director General of Expocentre ZAO, and Igor Korotin, Director of Department of Trade Fair Activity of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, greeted the delegates.

RUEF President Sergey Alexeev in his opening remarks delivered a speech devoted to the results of RUEF work done in the period between General Meetings (January-May 2014).

During the Meeting issues concerning Union internal operation, among them RUEF membership and Logo were discussed.

RUEF proudly welcomed its new members: an exhibition organizer - ICE, Ltd, Moscow, and a service provider - Neonavigation Ltd, Moscow.

UFI member EXPOPROJECT JSC, Moscow, was expelled from RUEF members for default of payment of members’ subscription.

RUEF Logo was granted to the following  trade shows for the high level of organization and high value for the economy of a region: “Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition ISSE 2014” organized by Bizon Exhibition Companies Group LLC , Moscow; “Senior Generation” and “Ecology of  Big City” organized by EF-International Ltd Saint-Petersburg.

RUEF Logo was terminated in reference to the exhibition “Construction. Finishing. Design. 2014”, Sofit-Expo JSC, Saratov with reference of default of scheduled audit.

RUEF members approved report on finance and economic activities for 2013 year delivered by RUEF Executive Director Liudmila Smorodova.

The question concerning changes in the Development Strategy of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs for 2014-2016 was enthusiastically discussed. The Strategy was approved at RUEF General Meeting in December 2013 that had been preceded by the Enquiry of RUEF members. From the moment of the Strategy development, serious changes in the economical situation in Russia and all over the globe took place. It concerns import substitution in military-industrial complex, displacement of partnership relations in the direction of Asia-Pacific Region, foremost China, and the work at the integration of the Crimea in the Russian Economy.

In the final part of the General Meeting Round table “Rise of the attendance of the exhibition. How to attract more target visitors?” was held.  The participants of the Meeting were asked 3 key three questions, which they were supposed to think over and offer their solutions:


  • How many and what kind of visitors is it necessary to attract to an exhibition? How to assign tasks, stimulate and estimate the results of work of employees who are in charge of attracting visitors?
  • How to raise interest to the exhibitions of target visitors? How and what kind of promotion means to use to attract quality visitors to b2b exhibitions? Effectivemethods, examples, tendencies.
  • How should be the cooperation between Sales Department and Promotion Department for attraction of target visitors and development of exhibition project organized? Sellingmarketing”. Integrationofmarketingandsales.


In the course of the discussion interesting ideas, examples from companies’ experience appeared. These suggestions are consolidated and forwarded to RUEF members.

On the 4th of June RUEF General Meeting participants together with other delegates took part in Opening Ceremony of the 8th International Forum of Exhibition Industry 5pEXPO'2014 and  in the 5th All-Russian Conference on Exhibition, Fair and Congress Activities as a Tool to Improve Competitiveness and Modernization of the Russian Economy, as well as in business program events and in the evening state reception.

Next RUEF General Meeting will be hosted by Kazanskaya Yarmarka JSC, Kazan, in December  2014.

RUEF today:
95 members, incl. 90 full and 5 associated members
67 exhibition organizers, 23 service providers, 5 hall owners/managers only

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