05.07.2010 14:40
RUEF Summer General Meeting

The RUEF Summer General Meeting met on 7 June, 2010 in Moscow at Expocentre grounds. RUEF members discussed several important items of agenda including exhibition totals of 2009 and 2010 first half - year results. They marked a decrease of 2009 key exhibition data and underlined that the beginning of 2010 still continue to be difficult time for the industry. The meeting approved new drafts of RUEF Statute and RUEF Internal Rules. As regards RUEF membership the documents’ amendments after their approval will give the gate to the Union for profit and non-profit organizations active in the Russian exhibition market as well as to public associations. Thus RUEF will strive to enlarge the list of its members for joining the major part of the Russian exhibition community in the long run turn.

Papers presented by the experienced speakers – RUEF members generated much interest of the participants. One of them was devoted to wider application of the anti-crisis auditing tools into day-to-day activity of exhibition organizers, the other - to a three year practice of an exhibition company in its CRM system implementation.

The RUEF meeting approved «Traffic Safety Forum» as an international event held by Expocentre (Moscow) with rights to use the RUEF approved label.

“Murmanexpocentre” as an exhibition organizer from Murmansk and “RussCom IT Systems” as
an auditing company from Moscow were two more organizations admitted to a full member category of RUEF.

The RUEF meeting was followed by the 3-d All-Russian Conference “Exhibition and Congress activities and modernization of the Russian economy” that was held on 8-9 June, 2010 and was jointly organized by RF CCI and RUEF. The conference gathered representatives of the Russian state authorities, regional CCI, trade associations, exhibition companies. Its plenary session on 8 June, 2010 considered a number of key problems of the Russian exhibition industry, incl.:

-          Trade fairs as a mirror of the economic reality

-          The role of exhibitions and congresses in the economic development of Russian regions

-          Promotion of innovations through a direct marketing at exhibitions

-          Support of small and medium enterprises’ participation in exhibitions

-          Guidelines of congress activities in Moscow

-          Joint efforts of the government bodies, employer’s associations aimed at the effective use of exhibitions and congresses as an instrument of the economy development

Next day 9 June, 2010 was devoted to panel discussions on relevant topics of the Russian exhibition industry:

-     Pricing strategy and policy in exhibition industry

-     How to maximize ROI of exhibitors?

-      Legal aspects of exhibition and congress industry

-     Internet and specialized mass media in promotion of exhibition and congress activities. Virtual exhibitions: a complementary support or a competitor in exhibition business?

-     Ways to increase exhibition company profits. Management models


RUEF at present

78 members, incl. 65 full and 13 associate members; 140 RUEF approved events.

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