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RUEF General Meeting, 15 – 16 December 2009, Novokuznetsk
RUEF General Meeting hosted by “Kuzbass Fair” JSC was held on December, 15 – 16 in Novokuznetsk.
RUEF internal operation issues were discussed on the Meeting: issues on RUEF membership, RUEF logo granting exhibitions certificationand RUEF 2010 working schedule. Present day exhibition industry problems and its development prospects were considered at the Meeting.
A briefing for mass media took place before the Meeting. The briefing was attended by Mr. S.P. Alexeyev, RUEF President, “Lenexpo” JSC Director General, Mr. I.A. Korotin, the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry Exhibitions and Fairs Department Head, Mr. V.Kh. Tabachnikov, RUEF Board of Directors Member, “Kuzbass Fair” JSC Director General, Mrs.  L.S. Smorodova, RUEF Executive Director. The exhibition industry matters were discussed there.
RUEF 2009 Operation Report presented by Mrs. L.S. Smorodova, RUEF Executive Director, marked that the actions were taken to maintain RUEF sustainable development and support its members under the current economic conditions.
Within 2009 the exhibition industry was monitored on a regular basis. The research included infrastructure issues, the crisis influence on fair and congress activities analysis, anti-recessionary proposals&recommendations development for exhibition companies.
RUEF 2009 activities were focused on reinforcement of cooperation with federal authorities, the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on establishing partnership relationships with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Exhibitions Committee Round Table “World Financial Crisis: Challenges. Opportunities for the Russian Exhibition Industry”, Panel Discussion “Cooperation Prospects of the Associations and Exhibition Companies with Government Authorities in order to Promote the Companies’ – Exhibitors’ Manufacture” were held in cooperation with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. They were attended by the Ministries’, the Russian Federation State Duma’s, Russian Federation regional administrations’, Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s representatives and trade associations’ heads.
The exhibition’s buyer potential audit system has been developed and is implemented by “RussComIT Systems” in cooperation with RUEF.
The Russia social-economic development general trends analysis was carried out within 2009 as well as industrial production research and its development prospects. Specialized forums were launched on RUEF site for RUEF members to share their opinions and discuss burning issues.
One of the first issues discussed at the RUEF General Meeting in Novokuznetsk was new RUEF member admittance. Mordovia State Academic Institution of Higher Professional Education in the name of N.P. Ogaryova (the National Culture Institute), Saransk, was admitted as a RUEF member.
RUEF Logo was granted to 4 exhibitions:
“JUNWEX - Moscow”, “RESTEC” Exhibition Company”, JSC, Saint-Petersburg
“Nuclear Fair Industry”, "Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka" All-Russia JSC, Nizhny Novgorod
CJF“, “Expocentre”, JSC, Moscow
Healthy Lifestyle”, “Expocentre”, JSC, Moscow
RUEF logo was confirmed to the following exhibition projects:
Mir Detstva”, “Zdravookhraneniye”, “Expocentre”, JSC, Moscow
The Panel Discussion “Exhibition Industry: the Crisis Lessons to Move Forward” was held during the General Meeting on the second day.
Mr. V. Kh. Tabachnikov, “Kuzbass Fair” JSC Director General, reported about the crisis period work experience. The company’s leading exhibition projects state and prospects, company’s main priorities in the crisis period, cooperation experience with government authorities and industrial associations to support higher priority regional exhibition and congress projects were highlighted in his report.
Mr. S.P. Alexeyev, RUEF President determined the main 2009 trends in his report “The Year 2010: What is there in the forthcoming year?” Moreover, he brought the research results of the crisis influence on exhibition industry to the attention of the RUEF members, determined common range of exhibition market problems and unveiled the 2010 prospects, underlining the main RUEF activity priorities. The RUEF President assumed that the essential question at the present time is the State policy development in the exhibitions, fairs and congresses sphere, RUEF image formation on the Russian and international levels.
Exhibitions as Russian economy growing points were determined by Mr. I.A. Korotin, the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry Exhibitions and Fairs Department Head, in his speech. He regarded crisis as the time to re-evaluate the resources and to find new ways for development, reviewed exhibition companies activities at the present time. In his opinion, Russian exhibition business is a fast developing industry. The Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry gives a significant meaning to exhibitions as the exhibition activity is an important regional economy development index.
Mr. A.V. Kurilov, RUEF Board of Directors member, "KrasnodarEXPO" Exhibition Center. Ltd. Director General, described "KrasnodarEXPO" Exhibition Center Ltd business situation one year on. Measures taken to overcome crisis developments, basic strategies to provide for the sales increase and profit gain were outlined in his presentation.
Mrs. I.A. Liubina, "Primexpo" Ltd (ITE Group, Plc) Executive Director, addressed the Meeting with the report “CRM – Client Relations Management System. Focus on Key Clients”. It concerned the CRM-system implementation into the exhibition business as an effective tool to build up business processes. CRM-system potential, exhibitors relations management issues and report process were considered in the speech.
Mr. A.K. Zhukovsky, “RussComIT Systems” Director General, gave an account of exhibition market transparency and loyalty build up process. Exhibition audit, exhibition’s buyer potential issues were disclosed in his speech. The main idea of his speech was the “win-win” paradigm implementation, attention to the clients’ success. The tool to reach the target is exhibition audit.
Extensive discussion and opinion exchange ended the panel discussion.
Next RUEF General Meeting is held in summer 2010 in Moscow hosted by “Expocentre”, JSC.
Currently RUEF represents 80 member organizations among them 67 full member and 13 associate member organizations (composed of 63 Exhibition Organizers, 8 Service Providers and 10 Trade Show Related Companies).
RUEF logo is granted to 147 exhibitions, including one exhibition in Moldova.
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