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General Meeting of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) Members, 09-10 July 2008, Sochi
General Meeting of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) Members was hosted by SOUD-Sochi Exhibitions Company in Sochi on July 9-10.
RUEF Members discussed issues of vital importance for the Union and the entire exhibition industry. The General Meeting approved new edition of the RUEF Statute, agreed to draw out RUEF Internal Rules, which should include among others papers regulating the Union activities.
Participants agreed to develop new Concept for Trade Fair, Exhibition and Congress Development in the Russian Federation.
They decided to form the Committee of Experts entitled with the wide range of functions which will be listed in the Committee Statute. Among other activities this new Committee will join to the Committee for the Exhibition Facility Development in its work for the RUEF Member’s fairground voluntary inspection aiming to collect more accurate information on exhibition space available at fairgrounds and services they provide.
Four exhibitions were entitled to use the RUEF Logo, thus 149 trade shows (146 of which are Russian) are now granted with this quality mark.
The promotion program for the RUEF Logo as the guarantor of the trade show high quality aiming at exhibitors and visitors was approved.
Some operational issues of the RUEF activity were reviewed as well, including acceptance of “Progress” Ltd invitation to host the next winter General Meeting in Kislovodsk.
The second day of the General Meeting began with presentations on hot topics for Russian exhibition professionals:
1. Review of International Exhibition Market
By: Jochen Witt – Executive Vice-President UFI (Outgoing President)
2. Procedure of Exhibition Brand Valuation
By: Andrey Maslak, RUEF Board Member, President of ExpoMediaGroup “Staraya Krepost”
3. Intellectual Property Rights Protection Related to Exhibition Industry
By: Andrey Lapshin, RUEF Board Member, President of MVK

The second day business program was enriched with participation of Italian Exhibition Industry representatives and official delegation of Lombardia Region Government headed by Mr. Franco Nicoli Cristiani, the Minister of Department for Trade, Exhibitions and Fairs of Lobardia Government.
The participants were presented with Lombardia Region Exhibition Industry and discussed it. The visit of the official delegation was completed by signing the Intention Agreement between the Department for Trade, Exhibitions and Fairs of Lombardia Region Government and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs in the aim of mutual promotion of exhibition systems.
Mr. Francesco Puttili (FIDEFI Srl, Italy) presented to participants BIF – International Exhibition Exchange, which will be held on March 19-21, 2009 in Milan, Italy. BIF will be the first and exclusive International meeting for Italian companies to find and compare offers of leading international exhibitions and services.
Three RUEF Members were excluded from the Union: Amur Fair JSC (Blagoveschensk), Dialcom Ltd (Rostov-On-Don), Siberian Fair Ltd. (Novosibirsk). Expocentr of Ukraine (Kiev) shifted its full membership to become an Associate Member.

Today RUEF represents:
81 Members, including 79 Full Members and 12 Associate Members
There are 56 organizers, 18 service-providers and 7 exhibition-business related companies.

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