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RUEF General Meeting
December 18-19, 2007, Saint-Petersburg brought together more than 90 participants of the RUEF General Meeting hosted by Lenexpo.
At the opening ceremony of the RUEF Meeting Mr. Victor Lobko, Vice-Govenor of Saint-Petersburg welcomed the RUEF members and guests on behalf of Mrs. Valentina Matvienko, Govenor of Saint-Petersburg. Two more top officials of Saint-Petersburg including, Mr. Alexey Sergeev, a member of the Government of Saint-Petersburg and Chairman of the Committee for the economic development, industrial policy and trade of Saint-Petersburg, and Mr. Vladimir Katenev, President of Saint-Petersburg CCI took part in the RUEF Meeting.
One of the key issues of the meeting was the election of the RUEF governing bodies for three year term 2008/2010.
The RUEF members once again re-elected Mr. Sergey Alexeev as RUEF President (Lenexpo, St.Petersburg).
Vice-Presidents of the RUEF became Mr. Valerii Barulin (Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka), Mr. Vladislav Malkevich (Expocentr), Mr. Magomed Musaev (GAO VVC).
In addition to RUEF President and three Vice ЎVPresidents nine top managers were chosen into the RUEF Board of Directors:
ѓ{ Mr. Vladimir Abrosov (Kasnoyarskaya Yarmarka, Krasnoyarsk)
ѓ{ Mr. Alexander Baranov (Uralexpocentr ЎV EuroAsia Exhibition Holding, Ekaterinburg)
ѓ{ Mr. Leonid Govorov (Moscow CCI, Moscow)
ѓ{ Mr. Andrey Lapshin (International Exhibition Company - MVK, Moscow)
ѓ{ Mr. Andrey Maslak (ExpoMedia Group Staraya Krepost-Cosmetic Marketing, Moscow)
ѓ{ Mr. Seguei Trofomov (Exbh.Co. Restec, St.Petersburg)
ѓ{ Mr. Sergey Shamshura ( Exbn. Centre VertolExpo, Rostov-on-Don)
ѓ{ Mr. Nariman Eldarov (ExpoConsta, Moscow)
The RUEF members ratified new staffs of RUEF Committees. Their Chairmen became members of the RUEF Board of Directors with the right of deliberative vote.
One more exhibition organizer - Ў§BashkortostanЎЁ Exbn. Complex JSC, Ufa, was admitted to RUEF. Ў§BashkortostanЎЁ Exbn. Complex JSC as a hall-owner has 4.200 sq.m of hall-space and 5.000 sq.m of open-air space. Three members left the Union. Currently RUEF combines 84 members.
The Union members discussed the RUEF exhibition approval and exhibition audit problems related to it. Sixty RUEF approved events temporarily lost their right to use RUEF Logo as not audited in 2005-2007, the period provided by RUEF for the first obligatory audit of RUEF approved events.
In total today one hundred and forty events of RUEF exhibition organizers confirmed through audit their right to use RUEF Logo including four newest RUEF events approved by the given Meeting:
ѓ{ Ў§TechnoforumЎЁ of Expocentr JSC, Moscow;
ѓ{ Ў§Construction Market. Realtor-Investments-Real EstateЎЁ of SOUD-Sochi Exhibitions JSC, Sochi;
ѓ{ Ў§Christmas Time/ 100 days before New YearЎЁ of Expo-Park Exhibition Projects, Moscow:
ѓ{ Ў§Mechanical Engineering. Metalworking. KazanЎЁ of Kazanskaya Yarmarka.
RUEF Meeting approved 4 modules EMD programme of the UFI that will be held in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) and Budapest (Hungury), June-November 2008. The EMD programme and business specifics in Eastern Europe were keynote presentations of Doc. Janos Barabas, Chairman of the UFI Education Committee made on the second day of the RUEF Meeting and stimulated much interest of RUEF exhibition professionals. In general, the second day presentations were focused upon Ў§Exhibition business: what to be aimed at in order to succeedЎЁ. There were a number of other presentations made on ICT in exhibition industry, strategic alternatives and management accounts of exhibition companies.

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