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Grand Hall Siberia

Grand Hall Siberia is a modern congress and concert center which is justly considered to be unique on the territory of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

It is a building attached to Siberia International Exhibition and Business Center; it includes a gala hall (ground floor), a big concert and congress hall for 1716 seats, five conference halls, make-up rooms, and a cloak-room for 2160 people.

The foundation of the building consists of two levels:
First level – 1200 square meters – includes a classy designed Gala Hall for solemn events, banquets and exhibitions.
Second level – a concert and congress hall for 1716 seats for congresses, concerts and forums. A special chair system of the hall enables to transform the building space for events of different formats (a banquet with a concert program, a conference, a plenary session, a dance concert, etc.) 

Parameters of the hall on the first floor:

Space – 1269 square meters
Stage area of 170 square meters and 112 cm high
LED screen on the stage background 14x6,8m
Make-up rooms: 7 rooms, 4 of them are specially equipped for VIP guests (a toilet room, a shower, Internet, a telephone, a refrigerator)

Conference halls
Number of seats

Hall 1 – 30-40 seats
Hall 2 – 35-65 seats
Hall 3 – 65-80 seats
Hall 4 and 4A – 65 and 65 seats
Hall 5 – 50 seats

Plasma TVs, conference systems, microphones, notebooks

Engineering systems
Water supply
Air conditioning
Compressed air supply
Automatic fire-extinguishing system

Working up for exhibition Organisers Venues Service
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