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ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre

КВЦ ЭкспоФорум

Address:  64/1 St. Petersburg highway, St. Petersburg, Russia

Hall space (sq. m) :  50000

Open air space (sq. m):  40000

Number of halls:  3

Number of Conference Rooms:  45

Owner:  "EF-International" Ltd  ( Leaser )




Space (sq. m) / Height (m) / Floor load capacity (kg / sq. m)

Hall F – 13,114 / 11-18 / 2,500
Hall G – 13,114 / 11 / 2,500
Hall H – 13,114 / 11 / 2,500

Congress centre

25 conference halls accommodating
10,000 pax
Main halls accommodating for 4,000,
3,000, 2,000 pax
A press centre (1,150 m2) 
A cinema hall with an amphitheater for 1,121 seats and 24x10 m. cross-functional movable screen (one of the biggest in Russia)

Technical facilities

Power Supply
Water Supply
Low-voltage Networks
Sewerage System
Air Conditioning
Access Control and Management System
Multichannel Alert System


Telephone and Fax Communications
Internet Access
Audio-Visual Equipment
Simultaneous Translation Facilities (6 languages)

441 rooms
Hilton Saint Petersburg ExpoForum – 234 rooms
Hampton by Hilton Saint Petersburg ExpoForum – 207 rooms


A large number of cafes, bars and restaurants are spread throughout the Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Level 7 of the congress centre houses a restaurant with 256 covers.


4700 parking places

Transport Accessibility

5 minutes from Pulkovo International Airport
5 minutes from city ring road
15 minutes from two metro stations

EXPOFORUM - an International Convention & Exhibition Centre capable of hosting business and cultural events on any scale and of any complexity.
The new complex, which meets the highest European standards, covers an area of more than 56 hectares and is located close to Pulkovo International Airport. The venue is furnished with all the facilities required to host absolutely any type of event, from exhibitions and conventions to sport competitions, concerts, shows and film festivals.

Each pavilion has an exhibition area of 13,114 sq. metres, with engineering channel with 3 meters in between (including electricity, low-voltage current, water and sewage systems). The use of pillar-free construction technology will enable the optimal use of space inside the venue, while the reinforced floor will allow industrial equipment and other heavyweight machinery to be exhibited.

Expoforum Convention & Exhibition Centre provides an opportunity to hold various sports events and competitions in 77 sports. “Expoforum” is listed into the All-Russian Register of Sports Facilities and is certified as a multifunctional sport facility – a platform for sports events at all level, both local and international. The sport centre is equipped with the related infrastructure and is scaled to fit up to 5,000 spectators. The multifunctional halls and pavilions can be transformed into a variety of full-size fields, playing courts and arenas.

During the events EXPOFORUM visitors are provided by EXPOFORUM free busses: from Moskovskaya metro station (each 30 minutes).




Exhibition Centre Layout and Location Map
Trade events:
07.02.2020 - 09.02.2020
27.02.2020 - 28.02.2020
18.03.2020 - 20.03.2020
08.04.2020 - 11.04.2020
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