26-th  International Exhibition
Dates 22.08.2019 - 24.08.2019
Frequency annual
Location Russia, Moscow
VDNH (view)  pav. 75
Organizers "The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy", JSC (JSC "VDNH")
Exhibition's URL http://flowers.vdnh.ru/en/
Theme B.02. Gardening. Landscaping and Flowers
«Flowers» - is the largest platform for the product promotion, presentation of new varieties and conclusion of profitable contracts in Russia. The exposition will present most popular with business perspective varieties of ornamental plants and bushes, accessories for flower design, garden tools, landscape urbanism, green houses and equipment, as well as planting materials, seeds and fertilizers for flowers and green plants. Organizers of the exhibition prepare splendid flower design shows as a significant part of business program.
Accompanying events The novelties of selection, a wide range of Hybrids. The flowers shows from Vyacheslav Rosca and Andrey Filonenko. The presentations from garden centres and nuseries of Russia, Germany, France and Poland. The cut flowers from produsers and distributors of Ecuador and Holland. The conferences, competitions and work shops from the world's trends in the flowers industry. The conferencs "Green city".
Statistics of the previous event (2018 year)
hall space rented by domestic exhibitors 5000
hall space rented by foreign exhibitors 1000
space rented (total) 6000
net space 6000
gross space 9000
domestic exhibitors 194
foreign exhibitors 6
exhibitors (total) 200
domestic visitors 18000
visitors (total) 18000
visitor category trade visitors (T)
trade visitors (%) 67
participant countries Belarus
countries number 6
Working up for exhibition Organisers Venues Service
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