Moscow International Optical Fair
23-rd  International Specialized Exhibition
Dates 09.2019
Frequency twice a year
Location Russia, Moscow
Crocus Expo (view)  pav. 3
Organizers Crocus International, AO
Exhibition's URL eng.optica-expo.ru
Theme B.30. Optics. Optical Industry
• Corrective Eyeglasses
• Sunglasses
• Sport glasses
• Corrective glasses frames
• Optical lenses
• Contact lenses and means of cleaning and care
• Cases and care accessories for glasses and lenses
• Tools and equipment for frames and lenses industry
• Tools and equipment for optical workshops
• Ophthalmologic and optometric equipment
• Software for optical design systems
• Trading equipment for optics shops
• Specialized optical editions
Contact person Exhibition Director:
Elena Begunova
telefax: (495) 983-06-78
email: begunova@crocus-off.ru
URL: www.optica-expo.ru


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