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Education and Career
20-th  Specialized Exhibition
Dates 24.10.2019 - 26.10.2019
Frequency annual
Location Russia, Kaliningrad
"Baltic-Expo" Exhibition Center (view)
Organizers "Baltic-Expo" JSC
Theme B.37. Education and Career
Exhibition of educational institutions, public societies, vacant posts. Getting primary, school, vocational training and technical education, university education at the state and private institutions. New educational technologies and services. Professional orientation using the modern psychology and pedagogic methods. Correspondence courses. Education centers and organizations, which offers stuffs and services for educational process and self-education. Equipment and literature for educational institutions. New educational methods – speed-up reading, development of mnemonic memory, therapeutic auto-suggestion training etc). Author’s methods of foreign languages teaching, computer science and so on. Ways of training and development individual talents. Aesthetic education centers, business centers, courses which help to raise the level of skills, job placement agencies. Job placement advice. Children and youth leisure organization.
Contact person Exhibition Manager:
Tatiana Guseva
tel: (4012) 36-11-52
fax: (4012) 36-10-01
email: tatiana@balticfair.com
URL: www.balticfair.com

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