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22-nd  Agro-Industrial Exhibition and Fair
Dates 10.10.2019 - 12.10.2019
Location Russia, Kaliningrad
"Baltic-Expo" Exhibition Center (view)
Organizers "Baltic-Expo" JSC
Theme B.01. Agriculture
Foodstuff and beverages. Fortifiedfoods. The equipment for processing, packing, packings of agricultural production (mini-factories, mini-mills, mini-bakeries). The refrigerating, trading and warehouse equipment. Packing, container, label, packing machines and packing means. Cash register,measuring and weighing equipment Up-to -date technologies of cultivation, storage, transportation and processing of agricultural production Agricultural machinery and the equipment. Spare parts. Production of farmer and country facilities. Animal industries and veterinary science. Mixed fodders and biological additives. Agricultural chemicals and equipment Seeds. Chemical fertilizers. Greenhouse and hotbed facilities.
Contact person Exhibition Manager:
Inna Gelfand
tel: (4012) 34-11-06
fax: (4012) 36-10-01
telefax: (4012) 34-10-95
email: inna@balticfair.com
URL: www.balticfair.com

hall space rented by domestic exhibitors 249
hall space rented by foreign exhibitors 10
open air space rented by domestic exhibitors 34
open air space rented by foreign exhibitors 0
space rented (total) 293
special shows space 120
net space 413
gross space 2000
domestic exhibitors 95
foreign exhibitors 3
exhibitors (total) 98
additionally represented domestic firm 0
additionally represented foreign firm 0
additionally represented firm (total) 0
domestic visitors 3000
foreign visitors 0
visitors (total) 3000
visitor category trade + public visitors (T+P)
visitors (total)
trade visitors (%) 15
participant countries Belarus
countries number 3
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