Petersburg International Health Forum
7-th  Forum
Dates 22.10.2019 - 24.10.2019
Location Russia, St. Petersburg
CEC "ExpoForum" (view)
Organizers "EF-International" Ltd
Theme B.11. Medicine, Health, Hygiene, and Social Support
выставка Unified platform for medical professional society that promotes effective interaction of suppliers of scientific researches, medical equipment and medical services with the potential investors, purchasers and health care workers
Contact person Yulia Illarionova
tel: (812) 240 40 40 * 2227
email: y.illarionova@expoforum.ru, pmfz@expoforum.ru

Under support of St.Petersburg Government, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Agency of the Scientific Organizations of the Russian Federation, CCI of the Russian Federation.

Participant Preliminary Request

Statistics of the previous event (2017 year)
hall space rented by domestic exhibitors 422
hall space rented by foreign exhibitors 113
space rented (total) 535
special shows space 68
net space 603
gross space 1350
domestic exhibitors 59
foreign exhibitors 17
exhibitors (total) 76
additionally represented domestic firm 9
additionally represented firm (total) 9
domestic visitors 2679
foreign visitors 27
visitors (total) 2706
visitor category trade visitors (T)
trade visitors (%) 95
participant countries Austria
Hong Kong
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
countries number 11
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