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28-th  Exhibition
Dates 10.07.2019 - 12.07.2019
Frequency annual
Location Russia, St. Petersburg
CEC "ExpoForum"  pav. G, H
Organizers "EF-International" Ltd
Veterinary Department of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor), Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor), St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Federal state budgetary scientific institution "Northwest Center of International Studies of Food Security Problems", St. Petersburg State Agrarian University, St. Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine
Exhibition's URL http://agrorus.expoforum.ru/en/
Theme B.01. Agriculture
АгроРусь Food stuffs, agricultural machinery, equipment and processes for production and harvesting of grain, vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, poultry and flowers; machinery, equipment and processes for processing, packaging and storage of grain, vegetables, fruits, milk, meat and poultry. Processing equipment, refrigeration & storage equipment, packaging and packing materials, cargo handling and transportation equipment Agriculture. Scientific researches. Information services. Rural tourism
Contact person Exhibition Director:
Natalya Golubeva
telefax: (812) 240-40-40 *2221; (931) 249-10-87
email: ns.golubeva@expoforum.ru
URL: http://agrorus.expoforum.ru/

Accompanying events Agricultural congress, conferences, seminars,presentations, master- classes, round-table discussions on all topical sections of the exhibition. Center of Business Contacts "Business reception" Fair of vacancies in the agricultural sector,cultural and entertaining program for visitors
Under support of The Ministry of Agriculture of The Russian Federation, Russian State Duma Committee On Agrarian Issues, The Government of St. Petersburg, The Government of The Leningrad Region, Assotsiatsiya Krest'yanskikh Khozyaystv, Lichnykh Podsobnykh Khozyaystv I Kooperativov Leningradskoy Oblasti I Sankt-Peterburga
hall space rented by domestic exhibitors 3296
hall space rented by foreign exhibitors 62
open air space rented by domestic exhibitors 0
open air space rented by foreign exhibitors 0
space rented (total) 3358
special shows space 338
net space 3696
gross space 7043
domestic exhibitors 540
foreign exhibitors 2
exhibitors (total) 542
additionally represented domestic firm
additionally represented foreign firm
additionally represented firm (total) 0
domestic visitors 14783
foreign visitors 178
visitors (total) 14961
visitor category trade + public visitors (T+P)
visitors (total)
trade visitors (%) 32
participant countries Belarus
countries number 2
Working up for exhibition Organisers Venues Service
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