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UFI logoUEF logo Energetika & Electrotechnika
26-th  Exhibition
Dates 25.06.2019 - 28.06.2019
Frequency annual
Location Russia, St. Petersburg
CEC "ExpoForum"  pav. F
Organizers RESTEC® Exhibition Company, LLC
"EF-International" Ltd
Exhibition's URL http://rief.expoforum.ru/en/
Theme B.28. Energy
Energetika & Electrotechnika Power engineering: water heating power engineering, electric power engineering, turbines and auxiliary equipment, hydro-power engineering, nuclear-power engineering, small, alternative and renewable energy. Power machine building: turbines and auxiliary equipment, boilers, boiler units and auxiliary equipment, diesel engines and diesel generators, heat-exchange apparatus compressors. Electrotechnical equipment: equipment for power transmission lines, electric motors, generators, electric drives, converters, transformers, transformer substations, power electronics, low-voltage installations, high-voltage installation, wiring goods and products for electrical installations, distributing gear, switchboard equipment, cables, wires, end fitting, security equipment for electricity generating plants, insulating products, illuminating engineering. Gas-, heat-, and power supply systems: pipelines, fastening hardware, stop valves, regulators, reducing gear, gas-fired burners, modern materials and goods. Machinery and equipment for housing and communal services Automated process control systems Measurement and control instrumentation and systems Energy-saving and power-efficient equipment and technologies Safety of the power facilities and environmental safety Development and investigation Software
Contact person Exhibitions Director:
Erik Mkrtchyan
telefax: (812) 240-40-40 *2159; (921) 332-75-93
email: ed.mkrtchyan@expoforum.ru
URL: http://rief.expoforum.ru/

RESTEC® Exhibition Company, LLC
Project Director:
Tatiana Lyapunova
tel: (812) 320-96-60
email: energo@restec.ru
URL: energetika-restec.ru
Notes Exhibition is held within The Russian International Energy Forum
Under support of Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation, Government of St. Petersburg, Government of Leningrad region, Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region, the Union of power engineers of the North-West of Russia, Gas club, AVOK «Severo-Zapad», Strategic partnership on economic and social development of the NWFD
hall space rented by domestic exhibitors 3109
hall space rented by foreign exhibitors 191
open air space rented by domestic exhibitors 0
open air space rented by foreign exhibitors 0
space rented (total) 3300
special shows space 0
net space 3300
gross space 3300
domestic exhibitors 127
foreign exhibitors 16
exhibitors (total) 143
additionally represented domestic firm
additionally represented foreign firm
additionally represented firm (total) 0
domestic visitors 5419
foreign visitors 81
visitors (total) 5500
visitor category trade visitors (T)
visitors (total)
trade visitors (%) 96
participant countries Belarus
countries number 9
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