Clean Water. Kazan
8-th  Congress and Exhibition
Dates 22.11.2017 - 24.11.2017
Frequency annual
Location Russia, Kazan
Kazanskaya Yarmarka (view)  pav. 1
Organizers "Kazanskaya Yarmarka" JSC
Exhibition's URL www.waterkazan.ru
Theme B.13. Environmental Protection, Cleaning, and Community Services
Чистая вода. Казань Water treatment. Water supply. Drainage system. Engineering systems. Pumps and pump equipment. Pipes, pipelines. Water resources protection. Waterworks. Monitoring of waterworks.
Contact person Project Director:
Elena Fatenok
telefax: (843) 570-51-27, 570-51-11
email: d1@expokazan.ru
URL: www.waterkazan.ru

Accompanying events The IVth All-Russian Congress of water canals.
Under support of Federal Agency of Water Resources, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan(RT), The Ministry of construction, architecture and housing and communal services of the RT, Kazan City Municipality.
hall space rented by domestic exhibitors 180
hall space rented by foreign exhibitors 0
open air space rented by domestic exhibitors 0
open air space rented by foreign exhibitors 0
space rented (total) 180
special shows space 0
net space 180
gross space 2700
domestic exhibitors 19
foreign exhibitors 0
exhibitors (total) 19
additionally represented domestic firm 5
additionally represented foreign firm
additionally represented firm (total) 5
domestic visitors 881
foreign visitors
visitors (total) 881
visitor category trade visitors (T)
visitors (total)
trade visitors (%) 0
participant countries Russia
countries number 1
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