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"Nord-Expo", LLC
RUEF member since 2019
Address 25 Papanina St., Arkhangelsk, 163062, Russia
Telefax (8182) 42-29-29

Мышов Роман Васильевич
Executive Director Roman Myshev

hall space (sq. m) 2300
open air space (sq. m) 8500
Exhibition's pavilions Exhibition Centre "Nord-Expo"

The exhibition center «Nord-Expo» is the only specialized platform in the Arkhangelsk region for holding various events - exhibitions, conferences, concerts, sports competitions, as well as cultural and corporate events.

The exhibition pavilion with an area of ​​1500 m2 has modern means of communication and engineering networks. Technical data of the pavilion allow installing constructions 7.5 m in height. Mobile partitions make it possible to combine dimensions at the request of the customer, and combine exposures or assemble a separate assembly hall with up to 1,500 seats.

On the second floor of the exhibition center there is a conference room with an area of ​​160 m2, with a capacity of up to 170 listeners, and it is possible to arrange a presidium up to 8 people.

On the territory of the center there is a free parking area of ​​5000 m2 with more than 300 parking places. Parking area can be used as an additional platform for exhibition activities. The Federal highway creates favorable conditions for access to the complex of buses, trucks and heavy vehicles. As well as the presence of the route makes available the way for representatives of Russian regions and for foreign guests.


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