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RUEF member since 2017
UFI member since 2018
Member of CIBJO, WFDB
Address 12 Petrozavodskaya St., St. Petersburg, 197110, Russia
Phone (812) 303-98-69
Fax (812) 320-01-41

Будная Ольга Владимировна
Director General Olga Budnaya
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RusJewellerExpert has 10 years experience on the Russian jewellery market. At present, RusJewellerExpert is the organizer of the exhibition and promotion programme JEWELLERY RUSSIA. It unites different media channels on the Russian jewellery market. These are shows&fairs, magazines, internet resources and consulting.

Shows and fairs:

Leading jewellery shows and fairs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yerevan under the brands JUNWEX and Best Adornments in Russia.

Consulting Agency is a non-government specialised company, comprehensively analyzing the processes taking place in the jewellery industry in Russia and the CIS countries.

Russian Jewellery Trade Club

The largest trade association including 7534 jewellery retailers and wholesalers from more than 1,500 cities of the Russian Federation, as well as trade partners from the CIS countries. The Club is headquartered in St. Petersburg and has 14 official regional affiliates.

Jewellery Russia Publishing House is the largest media resource, publishing B2B and B2C magazines for jewellery industry Jewellery Russia Magazine, JUNWEX-Jewellery Russia (English version), Best Adornments in Russia.

JUNWEX.COM is the largest web portal with the real time information on market situation; jewellery industry platform for communication.

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