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Красный телефон Информационная служба, ООО
RUEF member since 2016
Address Bld. 1, 6 Zhebrunova St., Moscow, 107014, Russia
Telefax (495) 626-46-46

Нечипоренко Виктор Васильевич
Director General Victor Nechiporenko

The information service Red Phone LLC was established in 1996. Since 2000 the company provides a broad range of services for exhibition business: the organization of registration and information services on exhibitions, online pre-registration, data bases building, visitors and exhibitors surveys, market research, business development consulting and trainings.

For the time of our work we helped to organize more than 500 exhibitions of different scales at various venues. Among our long term partners are Expocentre JSC, Euroexpo LLC, Orgtechcentre Interopttorg JSC, Exhibition Company Group “Bison”, Reed Exhibitions, Dentalexpo, Groteck Business Media, Expodat and many others. Since 2014 Red Phone LLC provides registration services at all events organized by Expocentre.

Our company constantly perfects itself through personal improvement, IT development, technology and equipment upgrade.

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