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MEDI Expo Ltd
"MEDI Expo" Ltd
RUEF member since 2003
UFI member since 2006
Address 5 floor, 2-A Odesskaya St., Moscow, 117638, Russia
Telefax (495) 721-88-66
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"MEDI Expo" jointly with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, leading scientific centers, institutes and higher educational institutions organizes scientific and exhibition events on such socially significant sections of public health as Cardiology, Stomatology, Mother and child healthcare, Rehabilitation and sports medicine, Radiology, Surgery. Emergency, Medical computer technologies.

"MEDI Expo" has been working on the Russian market of exhibition services since 1998, the events are held with the support of the Ministry of Industry, science and technologies of the Russian Federation, of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    The activity of our company is devoted to:
  • organization of educational programs for doctors of different specializations meant for the improvement of their qualification and professional level
  • organization of specialized conferences, symposia, forums on socially significant sections of public health;
  • specialized medical exhibitions on urgent sections of medicine;
  • creation of exhibition and information space, meeting all the requirements of our guests, clients and delegates;
  • promotion of Russian manufacturers on the Russian medical products market;
  • assistance to Russian and foreign companies in positioning and promotion of their products on the market;
  • support of innovative activities in the sphere of medicine;
  • publication of scientific medical literature;
  • wide use of the Internet potentialities for the improvement of doctors" educational level;
  • stimulation of research and working out new equipment based on bilateral contacts of companies-manufactures and practical specialists;
  • creation and maintenance of the image of "MEDI Expo" as of an honest partner whose information can be trusted

We guarantee qualified advertising and information support and coverage of our exhibition events.

We do not only intend to function in a stable way in the existing framework but to develop new areas in our sphere.

We are oriented towards a permanent search of new forms of presenting information.

The company is working at the problem of increasing exhibition areas, of the number of visitors and exhibitors, widening forum and exhibition"s themes, development of new areas of the exhibition activity.

Our mission is to become the most professional and innovative company in our key activity, oriented towards to the needs of consumers of our services-doctors of different specialities and firms manufacturing medical products in the sphere of public health.

Concern, attention, delicacy, consideration and flexibility in the relations with clients, guaranteed quality of our services- is the basis of our company's work.

Our object is healthy Russia

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