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Пан-БалтСервис, ООО
"PAN-BALTService" Ltd
RUEF member since 2000
Address 62 Peterburgskoe Shosse, lit. A, korp. 4, pos. Shushari, St. Petersburg, 196140, Russia
Phone (812) 322-60-38
Fax (812) 322-60-98

Андреев Андрей Иванович
Director General Andrey I. Andreyev
  • Forwarding of international and inland exhibition cargoes
  • Carriage and forwarding of goods through Russia and the world (sea, air freight, road, railway and combined carriage)
  • Groupage shipment (petty goods batchs) by road transport from Germany, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Sweden and Finland.
  • Organization of air carriage (to/from the Pulkovo airport, St.Petersburg)
  • Forwarding, carriage and processing of heavy, large dimension goods
  • Customs clearance and declaring
  • Goods storage, processing and delivery to the clients (customs warehouses)
  • Customs warehouses for St.Petersburg diplomatic representative offices
Working up for exhibition Organisers Venues Service
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