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Текстильэкспо, АО
"Textilexpo" JSC
RUEF member since 2000
UFI member since 2007
Address bld. 5, 46 Mytnaya St., Moscow, 115162, Russia
Phone (495) 748-71-35, 748-69-45

Ртищева Галина Владимировна
Director General Galina Rtischeva
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“TEXTILEXPO” Joint Stock Company is a specialized exhibition and consulting company.

One of the spheres of the company’s activity is the realization of a large-scale programme of development of national textile and clothing market “Russian textile and fashion weeks”, which is brought to life through the efforts of our several partners.

The main exhibition project of the company is Federal Trade Fairs “Textillegprom” that are the biggest trade fairs in Russia, judging by the number of participants and the exhibition area used. The Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs awarded an honourable distinction mark to the project. The event is supported by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Moscow government. “Textillegprom” is held twice a year and attended by more than 2.5 thousand exhibitors and 70 thousand visitors.

Regional programme is the second step in realization of the Programme “Russian textile and fashion weeks”.

“Textilexpo” JSC is co-organizer of 9 regional specialized fairs in 6 cities of 4 Federal districts of Russian Federation.

Also “Textilexpo” JSC cooperates with 40 fairs in 22 regional exhibitions centers of Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Latvia.

Specialized exhibitions and fairs held by “Textilexpo” JSC are the biggest industry forums providing their participants with analytical and business information.

“Textilexpo” JSC supports various events specialized and also “Textilexpo” JSC also carries out diverse business programme, which includes symposiums, conferences, round-tables, seminars, competitions: “Best fabric of the year” and summit “Fashion product in XXI century format” and many other events in Moscow and Russian regions.

To facilitate the development of the company, the following affiliated departments have been set up under “Textilexpo” JSC:
- information and analysis center
- unified web-portal for textile and clothing industry “”
- publishing house “Textile Industry”

The projects are supported by over 100 releases in printed editions and electronic mass-media alongside with informational centers of 35 regional exhibition grounds in Russia (partners of “Textilexpo” JSC).

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